At Resolve, we’re aiming to provide in-depth industry knowledge and detailed insight into the companies we think are undervalued and have the potential to benefit from more market awareness.

We will help promote your company to a database of investors as well as through our extensive network within the industry. With more investors focusing on fundamentals and valuations rather than only market sentiment, equity research reports will continue to be sought after for investment decision-making.

Regulated Company Sponsored Research

Written by a team of industry expert analysts with 30+ years’ experience, the Resolve Research package provides a 20–30-page high conviction initiation report followed by 3 updates over the year alongside comments on ­our social media platforms and website.

Getting your research in front of the right people

At Resolve Research we understand quality regulated research that is open and accessible by any investor is not so easy to find. Our research and company updates are distributed:

to a proprietary database of active retail investors in the UK and Australia

via Resolve Research and ResolveIR’s Twitter and LinkedIn accounts

via Research Aggregator websites

Investor Engagement via ResolveIR

ResolveIR is a boutique investor relations firm with representatives based in the mining hub of Perth, Western Australia and London, United Kingdom. ResolveIR is focused on enhancing long-term shareholder value by providing optimum communication and marketing strategies and assisting with finance solutions between a public company and its investors and stakeholders.

Via an established international network within the investment community including a direct link to retail and institutional brokers, high net worth investors, institutional funds, analysts and media in Australia, London and Europe, clients can expect a comprehensive IR service.