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Pursuit Minerals Limited (ASX:PUR) is a mineral exploration and project development company at the forefront of the global mining industry. The Company has explored a succession of metals in its quest for a project that would move the needle. This search is over following the successful acquisition of Trilogy Minerals, which has all the makings of potentially being a big winner within lithium brines.

Through Trilogy, they have gained access to the Rio Grande Sur Project, located near Salta, Argentina. This acquisition has allowed Pursuit to secure five option interests covering approximately 9,260 hectares of lithium-rich tenements in the heart of the lithium triangle. By exercising all five options, they have solidified their presence in this promising lithium exploration area.

Pursuit’s other non-core projects are the Warrior Nickel-Copper Gold Project and the Commando Gold project, both located in Western Australia.

Pursuit Minerals are guided by a team of industry experts who bring an exceptional wealth of experience in exploration success and minerals transactions. Their expertise, combined with Pursuit’s strategic positioning in critical mineral projects, ensures that the Company is uniquely positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the global mining market.

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